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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Good Bricks?

Good Bricks are eco-friendly non-fired soil bricks which is prepared with following major components:

Good Bricks=Soil (90%) + Cement (9.8%) + Soil-Stabilizer (0.2%)

How much is the Soil Stabilizer consumption per brick?

It needs 5gm Soil Stabilizer per brick approximately by considering average Good Bricks weight is 2.7kgs

How much each component of Good Bricks weigh?

Below will be each component weigh of Good Bricks by Considering average Good Bricks weight is 2.7kgs.:

Good Bricks (2.7kgs) =Soil (2425gm) + Cement (270gm) + Soil Stabilizer (5gm)

How many workers do we need to run the plant for single shift?

Minimum labor numbers required for running the Good Bricks plant is 20 for one shift (8 hours).

How long time Good Bricks need to be cured?

Curing time for Good Bricks is from 5 to 7 days.

How to cure Good Bricks?

Good Bricks curing means keeping fresh Good Bricks to curing shelter for 5 to 7 days.

What is the total time for Good Bricks plant set up?

It takes 2.5 to 3 months total period to complete the full Good Bricks plant set up once order confirms

What is the life expectancy of Good Bricks?

We can say that the life expectancy of Good Bricks is longer than other fired bricks available in the market as it has higher strength, better quality and of uniform size.

Is soil stabilizer harmful?

Not at all. The soil stabilizer is well tested in the lab and doesn't contain any harmful particles. It’s a non-toxic chemical. Our technician has been using it and haven’t faced any difficulties. But, for your safety and personnel hygiene, you can always use hand gloves.

What is the size of Good Bricks and compressive strength?

The dimension of the Good Bricks is 230x110x60mm (which is a global size).  The size of the bricks depends on the mould size you order. As per our research work, average compressive strength is 8MPa. 

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